Branding / Logo

If you do nothing else, you should put your logo on your map and make it public.


Put your logo on your map embed it in your website. If you are still using basic Google Maps or static PDF maps, it’s time to evolve.

QR Codes

eMap automatically generates a high-res QR code linked to your map. Use this on your website, on outdoor signs, on decals, in social media, anywhere that you want users to be able to quickly scan a code to view your map live on their device. The High Res file is suitable for any graphic sign shop to be able to make any type of outdoor signage that you want.

Custom Mapping

Google (and others) have done amazing jobs with mapping. Your journey with eMap begins where Google maps end. Colorize areas, create trails, create labels, add icons and sports fields from our libraries, sell ads to make an income stream from your map. Free!

Set Map Type and Zoom Level

Don’t overlook this feature. You, as the map Creator, can set the zoom level that users will start at when they view your map. You also select the map type they will see, either a satellite view or a map view.

Colorize areas

Parking lots, buildings, water, forests, colorize whatever you want to make it stand out. Experiment with the two map types and the opacity (transparency) levels to see what looks best for your use.

Apply a background

A light background using a low opacity level creates a nice effect, especially when your users view satellite mode. This can be last if you want.

Apply Labels

Labels can be sized, colored and have a variety of fonts and font sizes for you to customize your map and map elements.

Use Sports Fields

We’ve put a lot of effort into creating pre-lined sports fields for your use and convenience. Soccer, baseball, softball, football, basketball, tennis and beach soccer are included in our libraries. If you need a field we’ve not yet created it is simple to design your own with our tools and duplicate it if you need additional fields that size.

Add Icons

Use our icon libraries to apply to denote parking areas, food & beverage, first aid, restrooms and much more.

Monetize Your Map

We hide eateries, coffee shops, bars & pubs, hotels and some other business types from appearing on your map. If they want to appear on eMap, they will have to subscribe to eMap. We currently have the following advertising opportunities built into the platform:


Map Ads

Advertisers that subscribe to eMap can have their business highlighted on all of the eMaps within a set multi-mile radius of their location. Their logo will appear on their location. When touched on the map, a pop-up will appear with info about them. If that small pop-up is touched by the user, a full-screen ad will appear with photos, menus, links to the website etc.


Sponsor Ads

Sponsor Ads differ in that they are not tied to a physical address and you can place them anywhere on the map and size them to suit your needs. For sports complexes and outdoor events the sponsor logos are usually placed in an “Our Sponsors” area near the event. Water, including lakes, ponds & oceans are great places for sponsor logs. Their logos are linked to their website if a user touches them. Only Map Creators can sell and place Sponsor ads on a map.


Field Sponsors

This is a variation of sponsor ads whereby the sponsor logo is placed directly on a playing field for sports complexes. eMap Field Sponsorships become and easy addition to any Sponsor Packages you may already offer. Only Map Creators can sell and place Sponsor ads on a map.


AR Ads

Welcome to the future. We have developed geo-location based Augmented Reality objects (usually rotating cubes) that we adorn with sponsor logos. The sponsor’s logo will appear on all of the sides of the cube. You select the physical location, the size of the object (from 1 square meter to 10 square meters), and the altitude (generally 5-10 meters). You can even go inside of an AR object placed low enough on the map. Logos with transparent backgrounds look exceptionally cool. The sponsor’s link to their website is active as well, taking interested customers where the sponsor wants them to go. Only Map Creators can sell and place AR ads on a map.